About whk

Stylalized picture of WHK This is my primary public online identity and includes links to my other identities around the world.

Where to find me

Site Type Identity
Texas, USA IRL Warren H Knight
Keybase Identity Mapping whk
oftc IRC whk
freenode IRC whk
FSF Server XMPP whk@member.fsf.org
GitHub Source Repository ghiknt (whk)
Taiga Agile tool whk
zotero Research Repository whk
Twitter Micro Blog @ghiknt
goodreads Social Network Warren Knight
Google+ Social Network Warren Knight (whk)
reddit Social Network - news ghiknt
patreon Crowd Funding whk
Kickstarter Crowd Funding whk
Gratipay Crowd Funding whk
ghiknt Crowd Funding ghiknt
Gitorious Defunct Source Repository whk


I am either a member, provide support to, or am a fan of the following civil society organizations
Organization Type
National Rifle Association Firearm Education and Advocacy
Software Freedom Conservancy FLOSS advocacy
Free Software Foundation Free Software Advocacy


Currently I am using GPG to sign my code in GIT although I expect I will use it for other purposes as this and my other sites develop.
GPG https://whk.name/about/me (whk) <no-reply@whk.name> 4096R/3C01BF01 ECA2 1555 D91A 3A44 DD6E 7075 8F50 CC65 3C01 BF01 Code Signing