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Zotero/Pandoc Integration

The zotxt firefox addon used in conjuction with pandoc-zotxt allows easy integration of citations in pandoc's markdown format


  • Firefox
  • Zotero Firefox add-on

Exporter option

I have found two of the exporters useful. For me the primary definition of useful is that it provides a way to have a consistent reference tag.

  • zotxt by Erick Hetzner gives real time access to your Zotero database but requires that Firefox be up when exporting
  • zotero-better-bibtex requires the export from Zotero to biblatex (.bib) file. For my purposes this one is better since the bibliography can be included in the websites git repo.

zotxt option1

Additional Requirements


  • Firefox add-on
  • Zotero configuration
    • Select the Actions Menu (Gear Icon)
    • Select Preferences
    • Select the Export Tab
    • Set the Default Output Format to "Easy Citekey"
  • pandoc-zotxt

    sudo pip install pandoc-zotxt


  • To run the filter manually

    pandoc -F pandoc-zotxt -F pandoc-citeproc




  • Set a fixed tag

    • In firefox right-click on reference
    • select "Generate BibTeX Key"
    • Key is available from "Extras" field on right
  • Export library

    • In firefox right-click on the collection to export
    • Select "Export Collection"
    • Set Format to "Better BibLaTex" and select "OK"
    • Name file and select "Save"
  • Manually Applying bibliography

    pandoc --filter pandoc-citeproc --bibliography **EXPORTEDFILE**.bib
  • example nanoc rule to apply bibliography to all markdown files

    when 'md'
      opts = {:to => :html5,
              'base-header-level' => 2,
              :filter => 'pandoc-citeproc',
              'data-dir' => 'content/bibliography/',
              :bibliography => 'content/bibliography/erpetu.bib',
              :csl => 'content/bibliography/elsevier-with-titles.csl'}
      filter :pandoc, opts  


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